Friday, April 9, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets

This has been quite the slacktastic week, so I'll have no shortage of secrets to spill!

I made a double batch of pasta bake last night for dinner so that we could have leftovers today, but then I decided to get caught up on Private Practice and left it out all night.

I may have also left a batch of cookies burnt to the pan out all night. Oops!

I haven't watered the kids' plants in a week and they're starting to fade.

I still have easter stuff EVERYWHERE with no plans to put it away anytime soon.

I've been giving my kids Capri Suns because we're out of juice because the sink is full of dishes so I can't make more.

I found a basket of crap in the kids' closet full of toys that they haven't missed in 3 months, but I can't bring myself to just dump the whole thing.

I rewashed a mildewing load of laundry with a tiny beat of bleach so no one would know it ever smelled. Shh!

My laundry folding table is COVERED in stuff to fold, and Little Man hasn't had jammies in 4 days.

I need to take Sweetie Pie to school in 10 minutes and I still haven't made her lunch, brushed her hair or stopped blogging.

I spent $20 on new water bottles that I've used exactly once.

I ate 10 20 starbursts for dinner last night, after telling my doctor that I eat a balance diet.

I freaking HATE American Idol.

I can't wait for summer when I can wear jammies all day again.

What's your dirty little secret? Please share in the comments so I can show my husband that I'm not the only one who doesn't have it all together. Don't worry, I'll probably forget to show him anyway!

5 Thoughts From Others:

Jess said...

I can't even count the times I have left dinner out all night so that DH has no leftovers to take to work for lunch. I take dirty cups out of the sink and wash them so that the kids can have juice. But I don't wash the rest. If the kids can't find it in their drawer, they know that there is most likely a basket of clean wrinkled clothes for them to dig through.

And vinegar gets rid of the musty smell in clothes. If I tried bleach I would end up ruining everything I own.

And I won't even have anything in my house or outside my house that can't tell me when it is thirsty because if it can't say it, it will die.

Anonymous said...

I have to post my DLS anonymous because my kid reads my my DLS and reports back to the Hubs.

I had to cut and copy anonymous from down below because I don't know how to spell it.

I have played WAY too much video games this week and blamed my lack of housework on a fussy/clingy (not really) toddler.

Melissa said...

Found you through the UBP!

This list made me laugh. I tell my doctor I eat right, because I know how to, but I always neglect to tell her about the bowls of icing, the cookies, cupcakes, see where this is going.

You're about me is hilarious! I'm now following you! SO glad I found your blog!

Brittney said...

Bahahah!! you sound like me!! I cant tell you how many times my hubby has to dig in the dryer for his uniforms all week (at least I washed them right?) hahaha!!

So if starburst count as a balanced diet then ramen noodles do too right? Hehe!

aklatina said...

HAHAHAH I hate American Idol too, and I could just punch a baby when i find a musty load of laundry i forgot about 3 days ago.. ERGGG. Clorox 2 with some Borax does the trick for me, By the way Borax is actually pretty freakin handy! I cant stand wearing my jammies all day So i wish i could so I didnt have the fat roll Jean cut in line at the waist. And i cant count how many days i put of dishes , the cleanest my house is, is the moment before guests arrive.. and it dosent really look that way again until guests are on the way back! haha Love your blog will defenitly be fallowing.

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