Monday, May 17, 2010


Today I'm avoiding the mess left over from Little Man's birthday.
I'm avoiding the dishes since I'm still hand washing.
I'm avoiding the laundry that's probably starting to mildew in the washer.
I'm avoiding making two phone calls that I don't want to make.
I'm avoiding cleaning up my yard that is so filled with kids' toys it looks like a garage sale.
I'm avoiding cleaning off my craft table despite my yearning to do something crafty this week.
I'm avoiding making big choices.
I'm avoiding cleaning the playroom. Again.
I'm avoiding washing the MOUNTAIN of clothes in the kids' room that Boo kindly pulled out of all the drawers.
I'm avoiding cleaning out my freezer.
And I'm avoiding making a to do list of more things to avoid.

What are you avoiding!?
I'd love to hear your answers while I wait for our invisible maid to show up!

2 Thoughts From Others:

Anonymous said...

I'm avoiding a mountain of yard work - my body is thanking me right now.

I'm avoiding taking out chicken to defrost - chest freezers suck.

I'm avoiding waking up my daughter from her super long nap - I'm having to much fun blogging. (Although I have a feeling I'm going to end up regretting that one.)

JustJoeP said...

invisible maids? where can I get one?

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