Monday, May 3, 2010


So. Freaking. Tired.

After almost a week my Grandma's 5000 square foot house is almost completely empty. I think everyone in my family is ready for a 3 month vacation (at least!). My own house looks like a tornado went right through since I've been bringing stuff home from my Grandma's house and from the garage sale at midnight and throwing everything everywhere. I tried to put some work in on my own house today, but after 90 minutes of unwrapping and sorting Grandma's dishes I got sidetracked and sat down. And then sat some more. Wishing I had some cookies. Or a chocolate malt.

I get to relax for a whole two seconds before I start to prepare for our out of town trip starting on Thursday. I LOVE car trips with small kids...

1 Thoughts From Others:

aklatina said...

Wow i know what you mean, My last Grandpa passed away monday and we where documenting his belongings too devide equally, and it was overwhelming, When people dont move often they hold on too soooo much stuff! I couldent belive it, I even found the cut out of the newspaper from when i was born 23 years ago.. Crazy! Hope you get all your new goodies put away in a timley manner!

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