Saturday, May 22, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Whew! The last few weeks have just been a whirlwind and I'm finally catching my breath! My friend's husband Mr. Awesome came over and fixed my dishwasher on Wednesday so I am finally out of the deserted land of hand-washing dishes. I'll NEVER take my dishwasher for granted again! I'm so thankful to have her back in tip-top shape that I've even been keeping up with the dishes!

Sweetie Pie had her last day of school on Thursday and is enjoying playing with her brother and sister in our Alaskan heatwave of 60 degrees. I still haven't gotten to stay home all day in my jammies, but I believe in always striving for a hefty goal, so I'll try my hardest to get my jammie day!

Today I spent a good chunk of time planning the kids' "summer homeschool" to keep them from getting bored and me from going crazy. They beg to do homeschool and love challenging themselves so I'm excited to get started on Monday. I started planning by making a list of all the things that each kid needed to work or keep up on (handwriting, subtraction, etc.) and then I'll print games, activities and worksheets that work on those skills.

Boo will be three in a few weeks so her activities are mostly to expose her to things she will learn in the future, but I think it's important to let her be part of the fun! We're also going to do weekly library trips, art projects and cooking/baking that she can be involved in.

Little Man just turned five last week and his activities will be heavy with kindergarten preparation since he needs to learn something a few times before it really sinks in.

Sweetie Pie is six and just finished kindergarten. Her activities will be a review of kindergarten level and an introduction of some first grade topics.

All three kids will do age appropriate computer games to keep them busy while I'm helping someone else and if I can get my crap together in time I'd love to even include some small, informal field trips.

I'm excited to watch my little monkeys learn and grow over the summer and am looking forward to spending more time with Sweetie Pie every day!

2 Thoughts From Others:

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful!

I believe education is as important at home as it is during formal schooling too. I'm wondering, do you have one particular resource for printing out your worksheets, games & activities?

Mrs Fish said...

I still think having ice is more exciting than a dishwasher!! That might be because I have seven dishwashers running around;)

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