Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Of Those Days

I thought I was prepared for Summer... that is until I went to get dressed this morning. My pants (fresh from the dryer) were a little tight and I literally pulled a muscle in my back when I securely fastened them. I'm fairly sure that I'm the only person on the planet to injure themselves getting dressed. Seriously, it's hard to even admit that on the internet.

My mom called right about then to let me know that I had left my cell phone in her car. 90 minutes away. And she's not coming in for 3 more days. And it was ringing. FANTASTIC.

My muffin top and I then proceeded to get my three homeless looking munchkins halfway presentable and put them in the car. But the carseats were missing. I tracked down the carseats, dragged them through the driveway and installed them. I HATE putting carseats in. I'd rather change three poopy diapers than put a carseat in. Maybe even four.

I got all the kids buckled up, backed over at least 2 plastic shovels out of the garage and fight to get my garage door opener to shut the door for 20 minutes. It would have been a lot easier if I hadn't have pulled that muscle getting my pants on.

I guess I'm just planning on ignoring my chores this afternoon, reading my new library book, resting my sore muscle and waiting for the Biggest Loser finale tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will start out a little better... or I'm going to have to buy some bigger pants!

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