Thursday, May 27, 2010

Three Things

My house is a disaster, plain and simple. I walk from room to room and make a million mental notes about what needs to be picked up, vacuumed, wiped off and sanitized. The problem is that even when I am in the mood to clean house I have two hours at the most and it's just a drop in the bucket when it comes to this place. I'd need two DAYS at least, preferably with two willing helpers to keep me from sitting down and getting on Facebook.

I get so overwhelmed with the thought of cleaning up the house that I just block it out and do nothing. Actually, I've been keeping up on the dishes, and a few days ago I had ALL the laundry done, but all the other rooms of the house could use some TLC.

Last night I made a list of the three things that were bothering me the most: the entryway mess, the garbage cans around the house, and the two calls that I'm still putting off from 2 weeks ago. That's going to be my focus today! I'm really glad that I didn't make the list of the million things that need to be done since I woke up feeling like I got punched in the head repeatedly last night thanks to a sinus headache. It's only three things, so it's not overwhelming, and they're the three that are bugging me, so I'll notice my progress right away. I have a million other things to check off my mental list, but a million divided by three is still less than a million.

Once my three things are done I'll feel like I've accomplished something and can spend the whole afternoon on Facebook if I wanted to. Well, I'd probably do that anyway, I would just feel guilty about it. Feeling guilty about eating an entire package of cookies sounds way more fun anyway!

2 Thoughts From Others:

- B said...

Did you read my mind? Because I swear this post could be about me! Maybe someday I'll clean my house top to I'll just think about it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I like your three things idea. Makes sense in my muddled little brain - much less overwhelming.

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