Monday, May 31, 2010

What I Did Today

I cleaned out the fridge. It was gross... like, really, really, really gross.

I recorded 10 HOURS of The Pacific for my dad.

I did 2 loads of dishes.

I ignored the laundry... again.

I put the premiers of 5 summer shows on my Google calendar. Seriously.

I screamed at my kids. They just aren't listening today, and I'm counting down until bedtime. Hopefully we'll have a better day tomorrow.

I watched Precious and regretted it. It was good but stressful- why don't I just stick with RomComs!?

I FINALLY made a two week meal plan with themed nights a la The Food Nanny.

I froze a BRAND NEW Magic Shell bottle with the ice cream I bought at the same time.

I took a shower- whoo hoo!

I bared my white ass legs to the newfound Alaskan sunshine... but then I forgot to go outside.

What did YOU do today!?

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