Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 94- Organizing Roundup!

It that time of the month again... no, not that. It's Org Junkie's Monthly Organizing Roundup! This month focuses on our vehicles. I have to say that I was dreading this challenge as my van normally looks (and smells) like someone just fished it out of a dump... and then sprayed it with flower deodorizer, and then a nearby french fry factory exploded.

Here's the scary before... note Boo screaming at the top of her lungs, the happy meal collection, and hey- there's that roll of paper towels I've been looking for! It's like an Ispy! I spy a goldfish cracker bag, a sock, 345 french fry stubs...


Here's the nifty organizer thingy in the back that I didn't even KNOW I had! It already had the tools and crap in it (Mr. Wright must have known all along!) but I put our 'emergency' Capri Suns and DVD player in and got rid of the bag that use to hold that stuff. I left the right compartment empty so I can put snacks, wipes and other stuff in there.


Airing out the clutter free van!


Boo looking for all the snacks that she had previously shoved down the side of the seat...


My minivan... 10 pounds lighter, and smelling a whole lot better!


I sprayed half a can of smellies and shut all the doors- hopefully I'll be able to drive it in a few days without passing out from the fumes. On second thought the fumes of the dirty van weren't that great either... thanks for joining me for another edition of Org Junkie's Monthly Round Up, and check out what everyone else did with their vehicles on the I'm An Organizing Junkie Website. I always find great ideas there! Next up I'll be tackling hair and makeup supplies. I guess I should get mine out of the garage in preparation :P

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5 Thoughts From Others:

Pepple Family said...

I have to say I am a little disappointed in the "befores". You can still totally see a bunch of carpet. There is so much floor space that hadn't been utilized for wipees, extra shoes, broken toys, empty water bottles...oh wait thats all on the floor of my car. I think you might have motivated me to clean my car...which has almost no carpet showing.

Mrs. Wright said...

That's the worst part... there's carpet showing because I've shoved all that crap under the seats so that I can buckle the little 2 up, lol!

Miriah said...

I am with Amber. My van you can't see any floor. Or seat for that matter... I need to clean mine out. BAD.

Amanda said...

is there any specific reason you only have 1 center seat.. just curious :)
great clean job!

Mrs. Wright said...

We took the other captain's chair out to make more room for all the garbage, lol! I like to put my groceries there instead of in the back since the door is automatic and I'm super duper lazy. I also have my 2 little ones in the back that need help buckling up still, so it make more room for my chunky butt!

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