Friday, July 17, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets Friday!

I missed last week's edition since I was too busy doing God knows what, but I'm back now with two weeks worth of juiciness to spill... if only I could remember anything but today!

Leave a comment with your dirty little secrets and remember, you can ALWAYS post anonymously so I can re-read it ten times looking for clues about who it could be. I have no life, remember?

I'm scared to share these because I'm link on Facebook now, and I'm only used to sharing my DLS's with my bloggy friends. (That was itself a dirty little secret!)

We went to lunch with my mom today and a huge lady with her fat hanging out of her shirt sat down right next to us. I could tell Sweetie Pie wanted to say something or ask about her and I was PRAYING that she would keep her mouth shut.

My kids had cookies and beef sticks for 'lunch' then refused to eat their real lunch.

I bought a tiny kiddie potty today to carry in my van for emergencies. I'd MUCH rather have Boo poo in the potty in my van than have her hang onto a public potty, especially one we used today. Nasty!

My kids are so deprived of clean toilet experiences that they asked really loudly why the water was blue. In my defense the toilet we used was so gross that they probably use the blue stuff to cover the stains.

I haven't made my bed in 2 weeks.

I stapled Boo's curtain (really just a thick blanket to block the 24 hour Alaskan light) to the wall because she kept pulling it down. Mr. Wright's going to be thrilled when he sees all the holes in her wall.

Somedays I want to sell Little Man on Craigslist. And throw in the dog free with purchase. I bet he wants to sell me on Craigslist too so I'm thinking we're even.

I haven't worn jammie pants in weeks! It's been too hot... I sure miss them though.

I need a shower. And to shave. And probably a haircut and brow waxing. Basically I feel like a stinky swamp monster.

There you go... now it's your turn!

1 Thoughts From Others:

Fishbacks said...

I told my hubby that we were going to quite caffeine. I have been packing his lunch with sierra mist and drinking diet coke while he is a work. I am not sure when to admit that I never quit!

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