Friday, July 24, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets

Once again Friday is here and it's time to let it all out. My secrets that is, not my muffin top...

-I wish more people would share their own secrets so I wouldn't look AS lazy and horrible.

-I just sent this nice note to's customer service department. I sure hope it makes their day on Monday...

I live in Alaska, and since the selection is limited I thought I'd try out shopping online. I did find a lot more selection and put 2 outfits for my daughter in my cart. The total? $24 I proceeded to go through all the bs of starting an account, practically giving a dna sample to use my own credit card, then see my total. $43 something. There must be a mistake. I must have ordered 4 outfits instead of 2. Nope. Shipping. $19+ for shipping. I made sure everyone on my Facebook saw what a scam that is. Ridiculous.

Instead I had it sent to my friend in Nevada. The shipping? $1.94. Now she has to help me (out of the kindness of her heart) repackage it and send it up to me the way it should have been done the first time. If it costs more than $3 I'll be shocked. But that's not price gouging or anything. Say goodbye to this online customer...

-My house is TRASHED (like more than normal) and we're having people over tonight. I also have sewing stuff all over the poker table that they'll need to use later.

-I'm going to Mr. Wright's family reunion tomorrow and I ate the broccoli salad that I was supposed to bring for the potluck. I also have nothing for the chinese auction or for my kids to open.

-I bawled through that video of the wedding dance on my Facebook/Yahoo's home page/everywhere else on the internet. It wasn't sad, but I'm a crybaby.

-I heard Sweetie Pie tell her friend today "Don't talk about kindergarten in front of my mom or she'll start crying"...

-And then I cried again that she was so sweet to be so sensitive to her overly weepy mother.

-My house is so messy that my niece lost her shoes when she was here on Wednesday. Her shoes... not her tiny ring or something. Shoes.

-I needed vinegar for the broccoli salad and had to ask my mom for some since I used all mine trying to get the stinks out of clothes that I repeatedly leave mildewing in the washing machine.

-I really really need to have my carpets cleaned... that, or just tell people that Polka Dotted carpet is all the rage in Europe and that they're lame for questioning my awesome taste. Still deciding...

Please share your dirty little secrets in the comments, and as always you can chose the anonymous option. Please share... don't make me cry :P

3 Thoughts From Others:

Anonymous said...

OK - I've got a couple for you - but I'll warn you - the first one is gross.

I heard the cat throw up in some mystery location but didn't get up to investigate where. Of course, forgot about the incident - later to find out one of the dogs had "cleaned it up" for me.

I blogged about this one - my house was in such shambles the other day I ignored the doorbell when my sweet neighbor came to the door. Later when I spoke with her I had to pretend I was in the garage and didn't hear the bell. (No such thing as pretending you aren't home in a cul-de-sac)

Loving the look of your blog. Very cool background.

Fishbacks said...

I am sitting here reading you blog and the house is a wreck. I was thinking I should clean it then decided the kids "need" to learn how to clean. They already know how I just want to read you blog!

Eli's Lids said...

LOL about the walmart letter. I wanted to order a playjard thing. It cost $100 and it was $150 for shipping!!!!! And we live in CA. And there wasn't site to store shipping. Needless to say, we DIDN'T get the play yard!

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