Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Family Fishing

I don't like fishing. I like catching. I'm definitely not a fan of sitting in a boat and dragging a string through the water hoping that something that I don't even want bites my string. It really is a bit odd when you think about it that way, isn't it? Boat fishing is bad enough, but shore fishing really sucks... unless you bring a chair (which I didn't) and it's sunny (which it wasn't).

Normally I wouldn't even go on these outings with Mr. Wright, but remembering the discussion in church I decided that some family time could be just what we needed. We packed the kids in the car, I talked Mr. Wright into feeding me Arby's first (yum :P) and we headed up to the water. It rained on and off on the way up but once we got there it was almost sunny. The kids immediately found rocks to throw, sticks to drag, birds to watch and all that other earthy crap to do. I was bored. And had no where to sit. And it started raining.

Family time. Family time. Family time. I was trying to have fun but I don't really like to get wet, and apparently neither does my camera since it stopped working for a few minutes in the heavy rain despite my high tech ziplock back that I brought as camera protection. We all came home soaking wet and dirty, but we did indeed have a great evening as a family... even me.







The kids stayed up way past bedtime, but they all had a blast! That's why actually leaving my hosue and doing something as a family works for me!!

2 Thoughts From Others:

Hyla said...

Im here from blog hop!! Love this post!


Wanda said...

I love a good fishing trip.
My family had the greatest vaca one summer ....when we went to Canada for a fishing trip.

Memories with your kids. They'll never forget.

I am visiting from Blog Hop.
Nice meetin ya!

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