Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 95- Dirty Little Secrets

I recorded Princess Protection Program on the Disney channel for Sweetie Pie and then watched it all by myself after they went to bed.

I may have made some brownies to go along with my movie fest... maybe.

I freaking love the Jonas Brother's music... I labeled their cd 'punk rock' so no one would know.

I may have a second copy for emergencies labeled JB.

I am scary addicted to Farm Town on Facebook.

I left laundry in my washing machine for 4 days and it smelled up my whole downstairs.

I wish that I had a million dollars just so I could put up a fence to keep all my neighbors out of my life.

I haven't washed my jeans in a week.

I panicked at dinner time yesterday and ordered pizza which I never do.

I ate three slices of that pizza, and they weren't tiny.

I totally forgot to wash a load of Mr. Wright's stuff that he had asked me to and I don't even know why I forgot.

I hate taking my kids to the park since it's always drenched in judgy moms and kids that push.

What's your dirty little secret? Leave me a comment, and remember that you can post anonymously!

4 Thoughts From Others:

Amber said...

Maddie watched Princess Protection Program last week at my mom's. We all found ourselves stopping to watch. My favorites??--Jump In & Camp Rock. :)

I want brownies. I've been doing really good eating & exercising, but I just keep gaining.

I have stomach issues.

I laugh at you b/c you're addicted to Farmtown.

I'm mad at my stupid husband.

Saylor peed in the top of the playground thing at Chuck E Cheese last night.

I'm annoyed by everything lately.

I don't want to go to my in-laws today for 9 days.

Amber said...

It was me that just put shower more. :)

Amanda said...

the CD one is my Fav!! lol, I am going to have to sneak a listen to them now!

Pepple Family said...

Oh how I love your confessions post! :) Its my favorite. If it makes you feel any better I totally rock out to the new Miley Cyrus cd in the car when I don't have kids.

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