Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 96- Farmed Out

Happy Independence Day! In honor of the 4th I'd like to declare my independence from diet food, exercise, leg hair stubble, and Sportscenter. Since that is just a dream I'll have to give the rundown on the housekeeping front instead. I do feel a revolution brewing though!! Viva no Sportscenter!!

I've been doing a GREAT job at keeping up with my dishes, and I even fit some laundry in there once I got the mildew-y mess out of my washing machine! The kids' room is also sparkling and for the first time in months the kids' beds were made too. The basics have been covered, but my vacuum isn't really getting used as much as I would hope.

Really the biggest issue I have these days is Farm Town on Facebook. It's addicting. Basically it's cyber farming, and I never knew it could be so fun... in fact, I have it open in another window and I'm checking back every 2 minutes. Mr. Wright thinks I have a problem (which I probably do) but now that I'm started up I can plant some stuff that takes a few days and I won't have to check as often. I'm not really sure if that is really going to solve the vacuuming problem or not unfortunately.

I have quite the to do list going, and I haven't gotten as many crafty projects done as I would have liked, but I have a whole field of wheat and corn and grapes. I know you think I'm lame now, because I thought it was lame before I tried it, but it really just sucks you in. If only I could grow real food and then my family might appreciate it more.

My goal for today is to vacuum at least the living room and stairs, and grow some more crap on my farm. Hey, at least I'm motivated to do SOMETHING! That's progress, right!?

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