Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So this is what it feels like... yesterday I left my computer (and best friend) downstairs and tackled some housework instead of hitting refresh a million times waiting for something to happen in my e-mail or on Farm Town. When the kids start asking who's coming over you know the house is looking better! In typical selective OCD I made a huge list of things that I wanted to accomplish, then got frustrated when I wasn't immediately crossing things off left and right.

I wrote 'empty dishwasher', did it, then crossed it out. Then I was working on 'load dishwasher' when I realized that I had way more dishes than could fit in one load and I am NOT one of those weirdos that just finishes them by hand. I ran the dishwasher and started on some other chores but was still a little peeved that I hadn't been able to cross 'load dishwasher' off the list. Sure, I could have written it again for the second load, but I was out of lines on my list and my selective OCD doesn't allow me to write across used lines *shudder*.

I only took one internet break around 1 after I had done a bunch of laundry, dishes, vacuuming, DUSTING! ( I spent 10 minutes trying to find my duster for this one. It hasn't seen the light of day in a while...) and some decluttering. After my break I put the kids down for a nap and vacuumed the stairs, 'windex mopped' the entryway floor, finally wiped that crusty stuff of the handrail on the stairs, and jackhammered the dried food off the dining room table.

I collapsed onto the couch the moment Mr. Wright came home and I gleefully awaited his reaction. In typical husband fashion he didn't say a word about the sparkling (and smelling good) house and started talking about something else while I was subtly running my hands over the clean counters. Finally I just had to blurt out "I CLEANED THE WHOLE HOUSE AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE!!!" So, maybe subtle isn't my thing...

He said he noticed and it looked like we were moving out. That made me feel better, but after working my tail off for almost 6 hours I was envisioning a better reaction from him. Maybe one with balloons. And flowers. And a huge 'thanks for getting off the couch and finding that smell' banner. I didn't think that I was asking too much...

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MrsAshley said...

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Hyla said...

LMAO! Very true! I actually did this yesterday as well, but I didnt even get out of the kitchen or get the kitchen done yet!


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