Friday, July 31, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets

A few times this week I've said or done things that I knew were going directly into a dirty little secrets post.

One afternoon I was really hungry and couldn't find the perfect snack. Finally I decided on bacon. I love bacon. And I ate bacon all by myself.

Sweetie Pie woke up from her nap and asked me if I had made bacon because she could smell it. I denied all knowledge and told her it must have been my bacon candle. Please don't tell her those don't exist... even though they should totally exist.

I justify buying a bunch of fun stuff at Joann Fabrics because I'm going to start a shop on Except I haven't started one, and I'm kind of scared too.

I found the two little outfits that I had to order and go through the whole 'shipping to Alaska' fiasco sitting right at my local Walmart. I almost cried.

Little Man hasn't gone to the doctor in so long that I'm scared to take him in and see how many shots he needs. He's already terrified of everything and I don't want to make him never ever leave the house again.

My library books that I already renewed for a second month are late again.

I don't want to bring the kids back to the library because I forgot to bring them in for the last week of the reading program and they're going to want their prize.

I have at least 5 loads of laundry that are washed and dried, but not folded.

Sweetie Pie saw a drag queen on tv with green hair and reminded me that I told her people's hair turns green when they don't brush it.

There was a good candy sale so I stocked up. When I was checking out the cashier said "Wow. You must really like candy." I instinctively lied and told her it was a gift for someone. She stared at me blankly and said "Wow. They must really like candy." Judgmental *$&%#.

Share your dirty little secrets in the comments, and as always you can post your GOOD dirty little secrets anonymously.

6 Thoughts From Others:

Natalie Anderson-Prevatte said...

I am right there with you with all my laundry thats washed and not put away....

Jessica Benedict said...

bacon grosses me out BUT the other day I took the kids to DQ for lunch and it came with free ice cream. Well I told them that they could have their ice cream after nap time and I put the three cones (mine included) in the freezer when we got home. The next day there was still one cone in the freezer because I make them share a cone...I ate it for lunch and two days later when the 3yo asked me where the other cone went I said the freezer fairy must have eaten it...I so know thats gonna come back to haunt me...

Miss E said...

I want to start an Etsy shop too... I have all the ideas stockpiled in my brain but if I spent all the $$ I needed to do all I want I'd put us in the poor house!!

Danielle said...

UMMMMMM I'm telling on you!! How dare you lead your precious children on like that?!?!

Oh wait...I do it to mine too. :P

Anonymous said...

First off.....

Bacon scented candles.

.....those last two dirty pots? Been in the kitchen for (gasp!) two weeks. Ditto the clean laundry in a pile. I was sleeping with it, but now it's on the floor.

Fishbacks said...

Wow this was a good week for secrets. On any given day I have 5 loads of laundry unfolded. I have Hilary's table I use to stack it on but shhh don't tell her. My kids just realized today that I forgot to take them to get their last prize at the library! Katie was mad and said you mean I read for nothing!

Jameson was reading me a "book" he wrote about a boy named James that got in trouble for doing his chores "half asked". I said huh? Jameson said you know half of what his mom asked him to do. So I am just letting Jameson think that is what I have said to him on occasion.......half asked:)

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