Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bows For Boobs

I have two friends that are taking time away from their families and businesses to do something very important... participate in the Seattle Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk! They're walking 60 MILES in THREE DAYS. Mostly because they're awesome, giving people, and partly because they're crazy, but keep in mind this is coming from the lady who would rather circle a parking lot for 10 minutes than walk an extra 10 feet. In fact, I got tired just from writing that.

Anywhoo, the required fund raising amount is $2300, and they both need some help if they're going to be able to walk. Anything you can give will not only help them reach their goal, but fund important breast cancer research, education, screening, and treatment though the Susan G. Komen Foundation. You can get more information and donate directly to their 3 Day sites below...



Also, since these two crafty ladies are SO giving they are also offering to donate the proceeds from some of their Etsy sales for the entire month of August.

Linsay offers gorgeous (and handy!) binky leashes, and is donating 100% of ALL her August sales to the walk.

Visit Linsay's Etsy Shop HERE!

Jessica makes adorable hair bows in any color you can imagine. They'd be perfect for picture day at school, or to match a Christmas dress! They even have a no-slip grip to help keep them in tiny baby hair! If only I had these for those 6 weeks that Boo didn't have a mop I wouldn't have had to GLUE those bows to her head! Oops, maybe I should have saved that for my dirty little secrets post... Jess is donating 100% of her profits on PINK bows until August 31st.How adorable are those!? Visit Jessica's Etsy Shop HERE!

Thanks for taking the time to read about these wonderful ladies, and I hope you donate to save the tatas!

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mommieof4munchkins said...

Thank you for supporting us Gillian, YOU ROCK!

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