Friday, August 14, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets!

Boo said bacon, chocolate, and stalker all for the first time on Monday. Kids really do repeat everything I guess.

I washed the kids' sheets a few days ago, and never put them back on.

Sometimes I wish I had a 'real' job so I'd have an excuse as to why I can't get my life together.

I'm homeschooling Little Man and Boo this year, and I'm terrified that I'll slack off after a few weeks and let them play the wii and computer games as 'technology training'.

There's a certain person (maybe 2) that I fantasize about running over with my smelly old minivan... then 'accidentally' reversing. That's not healthy- is it?

This conversation happened in my kitchen yesterday:
Little Man- Is something burning?
Sweetie Pie- Mama's just cooking.
Little Man- Oh.
*resume playing*

I can organize ANYTHING in anyone's house without even thinking twice, yet my own life remains scattered everywhere.

Remember to share your dirty little secret in the comments, and click 'anonymous' if you want [del]me to spend 3 hours trying to figure out who could have possible posted that confession[/del] to remain uh... anonymous.

6 Thoughts From Others:

Fishbacks said...

What is wrong with the wii being part of homeschool Curriculum???? JK

I hope I am not one of those people you want to run haven't emailed me back????

I downloaded "I'm a B*tch" for my favorite persons ringtone. Now I am horrified that It will go off at church. I guess I should delete it:)

Fishbacks said...

Maybe I should of left that one aonymous:)

Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

The wii isn't technology training. It's technology training AND PE AND music. All the specials rolled into one. Perfect! Oh, and for what it's worth - I truly believe shopping counts as math, as does eating pizza. Fractions, ya know. Throw in license plate bingo (spelling) on the way to the mall and your lesson is complete. Now I think you know why I never attempted homeschooling...

Jessica B said...

Im a super organizer...just dont look at my house as proof

Ive been telling myself and my husband that I need to clean out Little Man's high chair for about 2 weeks...still not done

I find it easier to watch the 3 yo, the 2 yo and Little Man (who is 1) then just LM because they keep him entertained and I dont have to

That being said I cant wait until LM is older so he can keep his future siblings entertained

Im all for homeschooling my kids until I realize that it means Ill NEVER have a break from them

to prove that point - I havent been to the movies since Little Man was born over a year ago and my husband has been to at least 3

Id love to start potty training but Im dreading the mess. Not so much cause Ill have to clean up the mess but because I dont want to hear my husband complain about the mess.

Lol, I think that all my confessions for now!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a 'real' job just so I could get a break from home.

There are still 12 month size clothes in my daughters drawer (she wears 3T) it doesn't bother me, but my husband get's upset because he doesn't know what to put on her when he goes to pick out clothes.

if my daughter wets the bed I just change her clothes and throw a towel over the wet spot because I am too tired to deal with it in the middle of the night.

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