Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Thoughts

Does it count as decluttering if I'm watching things on the DVR so I can delete them?

How come I trip over the same toy over and over, but I see something important once before it goes missing?

Why are my kids drawn to every annoying or skanky cartoon character but think that PBS is mostly lame?

Will the laundry EVER end? Or at least slow down? I'd kill to have "only" 5 loads to do.

Why do the yummy smells vanish quickly in my house, but the stinkies hang around forever?

What happens if I don't maintain my vacuum filters? Will I not have to vacuum anymore if it explodes?

Why do I have a million things I want to blog, then open up blogger and draw a blank?

How come my kids only throw screaming fits in crowded stores full of judge-y people that I know, and never in a deserted store?

Do Target employees get pissed that said kids left a 'shut-it popcorn' trail from the concession stand all the way to the back of the store and around?

Why do I have so much motivation at night, and none in the morning?

Why do people still think that Alaskans live in igloos and hang out with polar bears and ride snowmachines everywhere? And why doesn't Firefox understand that typing the suggested 'snowmobiles' might get my Alaskan butt kicked?

I think that's all for today ;)

2 Thoughts From Others:

Angela said...

I am loving reading your blog. I am also wondering if your hubby had to say about your new skirt?? (Oh and I am PYF member).

Jessica B said...

The first time I ever heard snowmobile I didnt have a clue what they were talking about!

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