Monday, August 17, 2009

Cookie Cycles

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I haven't been talking about the status of my house much these days... with good reason. I make small strides toward accomplishing anything but then bunny hop 2 steps back. I get all motivated and wash 10 loads of laundry, then leave it wrinkled and unfolded for weeks. I've been stuck in this cycle of motivation, then tiredness from the two whole 2 chores I accomplished, then bloating from the cookies I ate while I was tired, then disgust when I see my house, then motivation again. It's a curse.

On Friday my sister (Senorita Snarkalicious) came to stay with Little Man and Boo while I took Sweetie Pie to [del]be bored out of my mind[/del] learn more about her school. Before I left I asked her to help me move the previously mentioned 10 loads of unfolded clean laundry from the downstairs couch to my bed so I could hide it from company and fold it later... or throw it on the floor and start the whole washing process over again.

When I got home from the school meeting my AWESOME sister had not only folded all 10 loads of laundry, but picked up all the random shoes in my entryway, did my dishes, changed over the washing laundry, threw another load in, and cleaned my counters and table. Doesn't she rock? It was just the boost I needed to finish it off and for the first time ever actually be DONE with my chores. Plus I already had real pants on so I was feeling all crazy.

I tackled my breakfast bar which we can never eat at since I treat it as my random crap bar and she even motivated me to clean the bathrooms. She stayed long after I got home to help me vacuum, fold the rest of the laundry, and even throw some dinner in the oven. I think she should win the Sister of the Year Award. I do have another sister, and I don't want to upset her, so I officially offer her the opportunity to come over any time and fold my laundry. Actually, I invite anyone to come over and fold laundry... I can give out fake awards all day!

Because of this boost I have been able to maintain the laundry, dishes, and clutter. I can even eat at the breakfast bar! Just as soon as I have time to eat breakfast that is... getting up off the couch is really cutting into my eating schedule!

4 Thoughts From Others:

Fishbacks said...

Why won't Hilary do taht for me? I would give her the BFF award!

Senorita Snarkalicious said...

Brandy, I have done it for you. Both times you had babies after I met you and any other time I babysat. You told me you were going to stop allowing me to babysit if I didnt knock it off. REMEMBER? Have you come to your senses now? I am availible to babysit in exchange for ride alongs. :)

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Wow, how awesome she is!! I'll give her an award too! I don't have any sisters! {Well, in laws} You're one lucky duck.

So glad you're on track! I just gave myself a major boost today. I got a TON done!

tiffany said...

Wow!! She is such a keeper! How nice to have such a thoughtful and helpful sister.

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