Friday, August 7, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets Friday!

It's that time again... dirty little secrets Friday! Read my dirty little secrets, then share your own. Remember, if you don't share yours then I'll make some up for you. Surely yours can't be that bad!

I was doing laundry yesterday (shocking... I know!) and I found Boo's toothbrush in the laundry pile. I'm super anal about keeping the bristles of my toothbrush from touching anything, but I just put her's back in the holder.

I'm still a complete emotional mess about Sweetie Pie going to kindergarten. I think I'm hiding it better, but I still want lock her in the house and never let her leave.

I didn't do the dishes yesterday at all, and those Lucky Charms from breakfast are just Ucky Charms now.

I really need to wax my eyebrows. They're so overgrown that it looks like my eyebrows have eyebrows of their own.

I digitally waxed said eyebrow's eyebrows in photoshop for my new profile picture. It was faster, AND pain free.

Right now I have almost $10 in late fees at the library. Oops.

I procrastinated washing Mr. Wright's clothes for his trip, so I had to stay up until 1am to get them dried, folded and put away.

What's your dirty little secret? Share in the comments and you'll feel better, I promise! Plus you'll be making other readers feel not so alone in a Supermommy world. You can always post anonymously, or for extra fun, under the name of a friend (or enemy!). Just please don't post under my name... I've got enough trouble.

2 Thoughts From Others:

Kim said...

I like to get my little monkey reese's peanut butter cups when he asks for a candy bar at the store because he doesn't realize there are two in there. One for me. Hurray!!!

Xazmin said...

I taught my kids how to run the washing machine and dryer, now I hardly ever throw a load in...I have them do it!

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