Thursday, August 6, 2009

Skirting Issues

I've recently started going to church, and that required skirts... you know, like jammies pants but shorter and a bit less pant-y. Hmm, I have some of those somewhere. Actually, and skirts that I'll be able to find in my hurricane ravaged closet won't be appropriate for church seeing as how I haven't purchased a skirt since high school.

Since I'm broke crafty I decided to make a skirt for church with the leftover fabric from my wide bag. Unfortunately I'm Mrs. Wright, so I cut the fabric wrong (it's measure once, cut twice, right!?) and it was a bit tighter than I was hoping, but it worked. I wore it to church with my matching bag and only looked like I had a slight OCD problem, so that was good.I'm totally too lazy to edit out that electrical socket, so just pretend it's not there, mmmkay? Yesterday I decided that it was time to clean off my sewing mountain table and got maybe 2 or 3 things put away before I came across this:

It was a shirt of Mr. Wright's that he looked SO hot in, but of course he never wore it because it made him too hot (temperature wise :P ). It ended up in the giveaway pile but I snagged it for an unknown purpose because I loved it so much and it was so soft. Since I desperately needed something to distract me from cleaning anyway I whipped this little baby up into a new skirt for church. I even took pictures so I could remember what the heck I did and do a tutorial for other people who like to wear shirts as skirts! Here's the final product... please don't zoom in as I didn't shave my legs-shhh!

The tutorial is coming soon... right after I figure out how to explain to Mr. Wright where my fabulous new skirt came from!

3 Thoughts From Others:

mommieof4munchkins said...

Good job Mrs. Wright!

Jessica Benedict said...

I cant believe you call yourself lazy! My goodness woman, youre like wonder woman! Well, I aspire to someday sew along with the cooking, cleaning , and child rearing :)

Fishbacks said...

LOL!!! YOU are so Amazing!!!

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