Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 38- Wacky Packy

So I haven't packed a single thing, but I did finally get to see the tops of my counters. I kinda forgot what they looked like. I guess that's a great tip for people who think their countertops are ugly- just quit doing dishes and decluttering! You're welcome :) Since the kitchen is finally okay I'm going to post the before picture, but don't look too closely!
After (the best that I can get without actually cleaning for the pic!)

The laundry is almost all clean which will greatly aid in packing. I also picked up some disposable diapers today since I didn't think the rented condo's owners would appreciate me filling their washing machine with poo diapers. That, and I'm looking forward to a vacation from dipping dirty diapers in the potty. I even treated myself to using them today too so I don't have to come home to five day old dirty diapers.

I never got around to posting yesterday, but I had a very emotional day with my first baby graduating preschool. She was a little disappointed this morning when we didn't immediately drop her off at kindergarten, but she'll get over it eventually. Little Man also got his certificate of completion. They both attended a performing arts preschool, so much to Mr. Wright's dismay Sweetie Pie and Little Man both did their "teddy bear boogie" in full sequins. I'm sure Mr.Wright is happy that Little Man screamed for 10 minutes at home, 20 minutes on the drive to school, and another 10 after that because he didn't want to wear the vest. The teacher finally got him calmed down and even got him to smile in the class picture... here's the best I got.


I won't be able to post on my vacation, but I've scheduled the original "I'm a crappy mom, get me outta here" post from my Myspace blog to post on Saturday so no one will forget about me! :P I'll be back on Monday and I'm sure I'll have plenty of great stories from being trapped in a car with six other people.

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onegirliegirl said...

Have a great mini vaca!!

Amber said...

Missed this post!! LOVE the sequin vest! :) Maddison went to a headstart preschool, which is government funded. GREAT program.......not so crafty. She had to wear a white t-shirt with something put on it, a 'skirt' pinned together from cheap sequin material from Walmart, and a 'headband' made of the same scrap sequin material.

For the 'performance' they popped their hips back and forth to an Indian-esque song. Think Ballywood & Slumdog Millionaire. :)

Amber said...


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