Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 52- Fan-tasic

Am I the only person who thinks it's ridiculous to become a fan of stupid crap on Facebook? Sure, I love laughing and sleeping in, but not so much that I feel the need to track down their facebook pages and become a fan. I only 'fan' cool things... like Mrs. Wright, Gone Wrong now on Facebook! Actually I'm not even my own fan because I think that's lame... I wouldn't 'friend' myself- at least not on Facebook since they broadcast it to everyone that I have no friends.

I really love foot massages, pink nail polish, sudoku, and my camera, but am I going to waste a whole afternoon searching (and possibly making new pages) for them? Nope. Why would I do that when I can spend the afternoon watching The King of Queens reruns and counting the number of toys on my floor? Priorities, people! Actually, I did search for them just to prove my point. Guess what? Foot massages, pink nail polish, sudoku, and my exact camera model ALL have Facebook pages with scores of fans. This is worse than I thought.

If you really feel that strongly about something by all means, become a fan. Being a fan of an actor, a great restaurant, sports or activities? Awesome! Way to share the love! Being a fan of that feeling after you sneeze (the page exists) and pudding skin (also real)?? You may need a 12 step program for serial fans...

The next time you log on to Facebook and see that your friend has become a fan of 'running water' have a little giggle for me please. I'm off to make sure that I haven't 'fanned' anything dumb before anyone goes to check.

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Vivienne said...

Yes yes yes. I am on FB because I am collecting friends' profile pictures. I have not had any of the Kool Aid. I do not send virtual toys, drinks or flowers. I will not poke you or hit you with a pretend pillow. And don't do it to me either. Gonna go see if there really is a fan of "Running Water" page. If so, I'm going to join it.

I have an award for you. Please come by and pick it up when you can.

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