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Day 40- Black Friday

***Since I'm off enjoying the "cold beach" today I thought I'd post some old blog posts that my 2 friends on Myspace got to enjoy!***

Friday, October 12, 2007

Current mood: aggravated
Today is Friday, Black Friday to be exact... the events of Black Friday really started Thursday night, as if no more crappy things could be packed into Black Friday that some spilled into Black Thursday. It all started Thursday afternoon- Sweetie Pie had been playing with pens and writing her name on some paper. She got a little wild with the pen and drew one half of a perfect handlebar mustace on her face. Naturally, instead of washing it, off Mr. Wright just drew the other half. It was the funniest thing so I took about 100 pictures of it and went to load them onto my computer.

My laptop was not responding at all so I did the classic turn-it-off-turn-it-back-on-and-hope-it-works move. It didn't work. Half optimistic and half postitive the whole laptop is toast I tried to move on with my evening. I got the kids into bed and waited around to do my grocery shopping when no one would be at the store.

I left at around 9:30 pm and headed to Carrs. I had a huge list and my cart will filled to the brim. Chicken breasts were on sale so I stocked up to fill my freezer. 6 packages of chicken breasts were placed on the shelf under my cart. My car was parked in the first spot because it was so late, so it was an easy walk from the door to the car. Something caught the wheel of my cart but the weight of the full cart ran right over it. I looked down to see my chicken breasts all over the Carrs parking lot with cart-wheel tracks right down the middle. So here I am, in the pitch black, bent down trying to scrape my chicken breasts off the parking lot. I was pleased to see that the packaging was still intact. I loaded all the groceries into the car and went home.

I get home to find my husband fast asleep, so I brought everything in myself. 8 trips up my stairs later, it was in! By now it was 11pm. I headed straight for the chicken to find that it had been punctured and was kinda dirty... not one to ever waste I cooked up that chicken right then and there. By the time I had my chicken cooked and in the freezer, and all the other groceries put away it was 12:20- officially Black Friday. At this point it just seemed like bad luck but little did I know what was in my future.

8am- Black Friday
My nephew gets dropped off and we started our routine of Little Einsteins. I remembered that today was septic pumping day. Company? I should put on pants... At 9:45 the septic service shows up. He comes to the door and lets me know that he is starting. I turn around to go upstairs to find Little Man covered in diarrhea. Guess that milk was bad! I clean him up and clean up the house. At 10:30 the kids are bored.

On Black Thursday I had bought a fun treat for the kids to make. We all helped make chocolate covered pretzels with Halloween sprinkles. I told them to wait until after lunch to eat them. The septic guy rings the doorbell and I stepped out onto the porch to talk with him so I could hear him over the barking dog. This is where it all went downhill. I attempt to open the door and it is locked. 4 kids 4 and under inside and they have locked me out with a smelly septic dude named Ray.

I ran to the garage door to THANKFULLY find it unlocked. I get upstairs to find Sweetie Pie SO concerned about me- sitting at the table eating the prezel sticks that I hold told her not to eat 5 minutes prior. Thanks! I continue to clean up the pretzel stick mess and am loading the dishwasher when Sweetie Pie approaches me. With a simple "Little Man did something bad" I knew Black Friday wasn't done with me yet.

I am tugged into Little Man's room and find him sitting on his bed. Right there you know trouble is coming. Upon further inspection I see an entire bottle of Thomas the Train Bubble Bath poured into a 1x1 foot square on his carpet. I soak up what I can with a towel but head for my carpet cleaner. I keep it in the garage now because I lent it to someone and it came back smelling like it worked full time on the Cheech and Chong movie sets. I drag it upstairs and start sucking up the bubble bath. I am sure you can imagine what bubble bath does when sucked through an air hose mixed with water. 90 minutes later I had most of the bubbles up. I put all the kids down without lunch (they ate all those pretzel sticks, remember?) because I knew that if I spent one more minute with them that Black Friday would hit again.

My first instinct was to jump on my laptop to vent to whoever would listen- no go. Tip- whenever you turn on your computer and see a blue screen with the words corrupt and failure on it- it isn't good! Oh, I have a desktop downstairs!! I run downstairs to realize that my nephew naps downstairs... being the horrible auntie that I am I moved him up onto the couch so that I could vent. I do feel much better. If you made it this far then I applaud you, and I wish upon you that you will NEVER experience a Black Friday like mine.

I am a firm believer that every cloud has it's silver lining, so here's mine- my carpet cleaner now has a nice berry majuana scent!

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Fishbacks said...

I have read this several times and still laugh just as hard.

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