Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 41- Mother Trucker

Day 41 was yesterday, but I was way too busy being crammed in between 2 carseats with 5 different lunches in my lap and sitting next to a baby that smelled like a llama farm to fit blogging in. I told her not to touch that plunger in the McDonald's bathroom, but she got raging llama scented diarrhea anyway. Thank god I switched to regular diapers for the trip :-X Naaaasty!

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There is nothing I wanted to do more on Mother's Day than spend it with my kids and my own mother. I sure got my wish, but my wish was contained in an SUV along with most of our belongings, in my foot space, for a six hour drive. Good times. I would have thrown myself out of the window... that is if I had a window. Boo thought it was great that Mama was sitting right next to her, but she still felt the urge to yell MAMA!? in my ear every 2 seconds just as loudly as she would have if I were driving. I also got the pleasure of serving juice box and fruity snacks after juice box and fruity snack all well balancing the garbage in my lab and licking off the squeezed out juice from my arm. I sure love my kids, but I think a handmade card would suffice for next year.

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Fishbacks said...

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