Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 45- Moving On Up

I spent a good part of the morning helping my friend move into a new apartment that happened to be filthy in a few areas. It got me thinking about how people live that... then I realized that maybe I live like that. What are the things around my house that don't seem to bother me, but would be the first thing that someone moving into my house would clean? What are the things in my house that I would want to clean or fix up to try to sell my house? And why the heck am I cleaning and improving my home for someone ELSE to live in it? Why don't I clean and fix it up for myself? Wait! Don't go! I promise I'll quit asking myself questions!

I don't have any plans to move in the next 20 years, so I think it's time that I make my house a nice place for ME. I have a few more days of birthday planning, and then I'm going to go through my house room by room and take notes on what I would do "if I lived here". Then as time and money allows I will execute my plans. Hopefully this will create a home that I'm proud to call mine, and more importantly feel motivated to keep clean. You think it will work? (That was a question for you, not me)

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Speaking of the birthday planning... I bought a '4' candle and some ice cream today, and also started making a timeline of when I'll make the cake and the taco dinner. I've decided to bake the cake tomorrow, thaw the taco meat tomorrow night, buy the taco shells and toppings on Saturday morning, then prep the toppings and frost the cake Saturday afternoon. Even though I have a plan I'm sure I'll fit some procrastinating in there...

Here's my count so far:
Already spent $17.92
Birthday candle $1.09
Sprinkle ice cream $4.99
Total so far: $24 exactly
Left to spend: $26 for shells, toppings, and plates

1 Thoughts From Others:

Fishbacks said...

When we moved my plan was to keep this house as clean as I left the old one. What happened? Oh, I know, I don't have a Dyson:)

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