Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 51- Welcome Perverts!

I've been enjoying quite the visit surge since I posted about that hot mom yesterday, but unfortunately I don't think it's related to the fact that I finally went and got that bread out of the freezer... I was hoping (and assumed) that my Google searcher was really looking for his friend's mom online. Boy, was I wrong. I did rocket into the top 5 results when I posted the whole phrase though. I'm too scared to see what those search terms actually lead to, but it sure doesn't look good. I'm also not thrilled with people who are searching for that coming here where I have pictures of my adorable children all over. I've changed the words in the original post so I won't get as many hits and hopefully all those searchers from Europe, Asia, and the US will find what their looking for elsewhere. This lady must be pretty freaking hot...

Back to my NON perverted life...

I have to take Sweetie Pie and Little Man to the dentist today for a checkup and I'm terrified. Little Man is not a fan of new places, new people, long car rides, and people touching his mouth and the next few hours will involve ALL of those things. Boo is going to stay with MIL, so at least I don't have to worry about her gassing the patient next door while I'm sitting on Little Man trying to get him to quit scratching the dentist. Sweetie Pie has had more experience with the dentist and is easily pacified with the promises of free crap made in China so I won't have to hold her down, thank goodness.

Here's the numbers for today:
Perverts looking for something not sold here- 23
Loafs of bread on my counter- 1
Breakthroughs- 0
Number of dental appointments today- 2
Packages of fruit snacks my kids have eaten in the last 24 hours- 11
Comments on my blog from my FAVORITE author (OMG!)- 1
The look on my face when I have to walk out of the hospital holding a screaming, snotty 4 year old, 2 toothbrush goody bags, imported plastic trinkets, Sweetie Pie's hand, my purse with ringing phone, and have an ironic "cavity free" sticker stuck to my butt- PRICELESS

2 Thoughts From Others:

Senorita Snarkalicious said...

Sorry you didn't have an "assistant" (in my day we called them Hobos) to leave in your sweltering car for 2 hours this time.

Rocksee said...

crap made in china.. hahaha..

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