Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Googlers And Those Who Love Them


*This post has been edited to take out the original search words since I bumped myself to the top 5 results by posting the whole phrase of this frequently-searched-for-by-perverts term*

I'm totally outdoing myself by posting twice in one day, but I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that someone had found my site using Google. No, I'm not laughing because Google even sent its little bots in my lowly direction (even though I should) but I'm laughing at the terms that people type into Google. This particular visitor typed in something creepy about his amigo's female parent which I'm REALLY hoping isn't a porn title, and pulled my site up as one of the top 10 results. No, I haven't been moonlighting as an "actress" but here were the results as presented to the googler:

Mrs. Wright, Gone Wrong

I had everything around, so this was FREE! Photobucket. Posted by Mrs. Wright ... with us after they sat in my hot van in the sun all day today :-X Fishy! .... I am sure that all my friends are dying to know what goes on during the 4th ... to post on my vacation, but I've scheduled the original "I'm a crappy mama, ...

His search words are in bold. That poor guy...

I also get regular visits from people on the hunt for corn dog sticks and french fry covered corn dogs stemming from this post about things I found on the floor of my van. I wonder if those poor searchers really realized what they were getting into when they clicked on my site in their results list. I'm also glad the people that missed it the first time will now get all caught up on me not wearing a bra that day.

My newest post getting quite a few looks from Google is the Black Friday post that I scheduled for my vacation. It had nothing to do with shopping Black Friday, but more of a 'this-is-the-end-of-the-world' Black Friday. Either way I think way too many people are googling it. It's freaking MAY people, calm down about the after Thanksgiving sales. I'm not really one to judge the end-of-the-world searchers, so they get a Get Out of Rant Free Card today.

I'm sure I've typed in some random searches before (usually with random words like I'm talking to a friend such as "That blog that I read once about a month ago with a funny post about tigers") but mine are more vague than anything. And no, I didn't find my tiger post. I also wouldn't recommend googling that phrase (or anything somewhat vague) unless you're into some freaky stuff. Dang tiger perverts. They ruin everything...

1 Thoughts From Others:

Vivienne said...

This is so funny! I have a lot of people find me using "dirty colon" "penis" "Dan Quayle"
and another one that escapes me at the moment but is equally ridiculous! Wacky

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