Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 10- Corn Dog Sticks and French Fries

I was sure today would be the big test of whether or not I would get dressed if I didn't have to leave the house, until I remembered a few urgent errands I was supposed to do yesterday. The kids were mildly upset that we had to leave as I think they are missing their jammies almost as much as I am. Don't be too sad for me though, as I decided to skip the bra and wear a sweatshirt. I'm sure that was an overshare, but I don't want anyone mistakenly thinking I have myself too put together. I got a few things done that I've been meaning to do for weeks, like signing our 'letter of intent' for Sweetie Pie's kindergarten. Who knew you had to register to be able to register!?

One of our stops was the library, where I had to return all my overdue books that I didn't even read. Can someone remind me why I thought I'd enjoy a knitting themed murder mystery? Yes, they exist, and no, I didn't get past the first page. In the interest of full disclosure I have to confess that I planned my errands so the kids wouldn't see their storytime friends doing an Easter egg hunt. You had to bring your own eggs and I didn't want Boo to be run down by some over eager 50 pound candyaholic... and it was cold and muddy. I'm sure they'll survive with the two other hunts on Easter.

I found the book This Is the Van That Dad Cleaned by Lisa Campbell Ernst at the library and we've already read it 3 times today. I love the rhythm of the story, plus it promotes nasty kids actually HELPING clean the mess they made, so that never hurts. So where do corn dog sticks and french fries come in? The book actually reminded me that I never posted about my own van cleaning adventures from Monday.

I had a horrible Target experience on Sunday that ended with all three of my kids having their own bag of popcorn. When small children are armed with popcorn it can be scary enough, but we also had to entertain ourselves in my van for 30 minutes waiting for Gami and Papa to meet us somewhere. The floor of my van was vomit inducing enough before the popcorn, but after that half hour it looked like the floor of a movie theater, and probably just as sticky. After dropping Sweetie Pie and Lil Man off at preschool I decided it would be a perfect time to vacuum out the smelly food pit...uh... I mean van.

Most people frequent the vacuums at the car wash and suck up a few rocks or grass. I was personally disappointed that all those juice boxes wouldn't fit into the vacuum. I wish I had made a list of things I found in there, but a few highlights were a size 1 diaper (Boo wears a 5 and we've been doing cloth for a year), a candy cane stuck to the carpet, more than one happy meal's worth of fries, at least 10 broken corn dog sticks, and the huge pack and play playpen that was buried under some winter clothing and garbage. That sucker is hard to hide! It took $3.00 and 12 minutes of vacuum time, but I can see the floor of the van. For next time I'm sure wishing that ours is the van that dad cleans.

2 Thoughts From Others:

Amber said...

Seriously, I love your writing!

Okay, you had me laughing with the title. But the fact that you wore no bra, and that you planned it so the kids wouldn't see the easter egg hunt is hilarious! I would've done the same thing {with the easter egg hunt}. I'm horrible like that!

I'm a FREAK about my van being clean. I cannot stand it when it gets food everywhere {but I deal b/c I'd have to vacuum it every day}. Saylor loves these cereal straws, but they flake off everywhere. I hate them. I use a shop vac, that sucker can really get the job done!

And SOOO sorry that your Target experience wasn't as it SHOULD be in every mom's perfect dreams: Diet Coke in hand, with AT LEAST one hour & no kids. :)

Anonymous said...

1.) I had fun at Target until Boo started screaming.
2.) I thought that the individual bags of popcorn for each child was my best idea yet. You're Welcome!
3.) You must be recalling some other day, surely we did not shop on the Sabbath.
4.) I apologize for the candy cane, I am pretty sure I remember giving that to little man after a screaming fit at my place of employment. Way to reward bad behavior!
5.)I gave you 175 perfectly good books, why are you getting knitting murder mysteries from the library?

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