Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 25- Beanie Babies

Since I'm a slacker I have no real creative aspirations of my own that haven't been stolen from a book, magazine, or blog. This activity in particular was stolen from Flipflops and Applesauce, a wonderful blog that I've been keeping up with. I had to buy the balloons, but the black beans and black eyed peas were from the pantry. The only balloons I could find were the small kind, so we made mini bean balls instead. You're supposed to blow up the balloons first to stretch them out, but I'm actually unable to blow up balloons- Mr. Wright was trying to instruct me, but it just wasn't happening. He blew up a few and had to leave, so we brought out the trusty mattress pump. The kids thought pumping the balloons and playing in the beans was way better than making the balls anyway. I'm totally blown away by how long 3 kids can play with one bowl of beans, but if you try this at home be prepared to find them everywhere. Boo had 5 black beans and 4 black eyed peas aboard her diaper after this activity... And yes, my kids are wearing a variety of outfits as always, including a Christmas dress and a ballet leotard. I like to encourage no extra laundry.





You'd think the beans all over my house would encourage me to vacuum, but you'd be wrong. I'm in a slump, a MAJOR slump, and I just can't get it together like I had it a mere 10 days ago. I have 5 things that I HAVE to do as soon as possible, but I just can't get motivated to make the time. I don't even want to post them here for fear that someone would actually hold me accountable.

I have been keeping my head above water dishes-wise, and Senorita Snarkalicious even came over and did my dishes last night because she's awesome. And she brought me pie, which is double-y awesome. My kids' rooms no longer have visible floors, Mt. Washmore is rising, Mr. Wright had to ask three times yesterday for me to wash his pants, and I have no clue what I'm making for dinner. My counters are covered in junk, and I haven't even started on the 5 things that I HAVE to do... I just feel over my head with it all.

Everywhere I turn there is one more thing that needs to get done, plus those pesky kids with their darn eating and emotional needs still need attention too. I'm not even going to post the current status of my hair, but it's safe to say it has reached 'I've been living in a cave' levels. I don't understand why every other woman in the world can invite people over without apologizing, or look in a mirror without grimacing. I just want to be one of them.

I'm fine at maintaining a clean house, but it's like a golf ball on a tee- as long as I'm focusing all my energy on keeping it straight I'll be fine, but the second I tip or get a gust of wind in my direction the whole thing comes toppling down. Sorry to be such a downer today, but since this blog was originally chronicling how much I suck at this whole "responsible adult" thing I thought it was only fair to expose these recent shortcomings. For now I'm just going to wallow with some pie, and keep all my faith in Our Lady of the Blankie, Miss Boo.


2 Thoughts From Others:

Unknown said...

aww I love her sleepy face at the end! It looks like everyone had a blast!

Betty said...

You mean there ARE really people out there who don't have to apologize when people visit their house? I thought it was a myth.
I have to apologize. Boo is adorable as our lady of the blankie. I love it!
Love ya!

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