Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 8- The Problem with PJ's

I just don't get what the big deal with wearing pajamas all day is... if I'm not going anywhere and the kids aren't going anywhere why should I use 4 clean outfits that won't even see outside our house? I feel like all I'm doing is creating more laundry that I will inevitably fall behind on. As a matter of fact I've put in the effort in the last year to get my kids to wear ANYTHING, as we had a good year or two of them constantly running around in their underwear. Pajamas used to be an improvement. I know our neighbors are thankful as my kids' favorite daily activity used to be standing in our living room window in their skivvies. I wasn't too worried as that window has so many fingerprints on it that you can barely see in or out anyway. Some may see that as lazy, but I view it as being proactive about our privacy. Getting dressed is all a big scheme forced on us by clothing manufacturers anyway... the nice pajama manufacturers just want to keep us warm! Tune in for another jammie rant soon- I'm sure it won't be too long from now.

Here's the status report for today-

Good mom
We played outside for a few minutes (it's still cold here in Alaska!) and blew bubbles while Mr. Wright gave the kids a ride on the road grader that's been decorating my yard for a few weeks. I bet the neighbors are thrilled to see that beast everyday when they step outside.

Good wife
I didn't slap Mr. Wright a few times when I sure wanted to. That counts, right!?

Good housekeeper
I finally washed the nasty cloth diapers that I've been meaning to do for way too long. The dishes are getting into the dishwasher rather quickly, but I've lost some momentum from day 1. I still haven't vacuumed my stairs which now have more hair than the dog and I've been putting off cleaning the upstairs bathroom. Overall the kids still wonder when our company is coming over because the counter are mostly clear.

I showered right before bed last night, and then slept on my wet hair. If you really need a mental picture of what I looked like upon awaking try picturing Elvira hair height, but with natural hippie waves, and without makeup or cleavage... bingo! I somehow lassoed it into a low ponytail and ran some errands. At one point I happened to be waiting in the car for Mr. Wright with impatient kids so I even threw on some makeup. You know it's been a while when your lip gloss is all cracked because you haven't used it in so long.

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