Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 19- Random Questions

Did God made Fritos greasy so that you can't get Easter candy open afterwards?

Why does every ugly gift remain in perfect condition after multiple washings but my cute Easter themed tablecloth gets ripped to shreds the first time I wash it?

How is it that every time my kids dress themselves they pick the strangest combination? Little Man wore a long sleeve collared shirt and basketball shorts today... you'd think they would SOMETIMES match.

Am I the only one that vacuums crumbs off the table when I already have the vacuum out? It is that much better to collect all the crumbs first and then vacuum the floor?

I know I buy some random things sometimes, but does Mr. Wright really need his own badminton racket? Really?

Why don't more places have drive throughs? I'm going to open a drive through video rental, hairdresser, post office, grocery store, and tanning salon. :P It's an all in one so you never even have to get out of your car. I'm still working out the in-vehicle tanning/haircut kinks. So I'm really lazy... quit judging me!

1 Thoughts From Others:

Fishbacks said...

Don't know the answers to most of the questions because i have been trying to figure them out myself.

Thanks for the idea of vacuuming the crumbs off my table, love it!

I grew up in Cali and we had lots of drive through grocery stores and drive through liquor stores. It was awesome (the grocery ones of course ;) Good luck with the tanning one.

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