Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets, Slacker Edition

I've been trying to do dirty little secrets on Fridays, but since I was such a mess yesterday I didn't get around to it. That should be a dirty little secret of its own...

-I try not to listen to the words of songs on the radio because it usually makes me cry. Commercials make me cry, movies make me cry, and don't even get me started on soldier homecomings.

- A bird pooped on my windshield a few weeks ago in that tiny widow's peak thing at the top that the wipers can't get to. It's still there because I'm too cheap to go to the carwash during Alaska'a muddy breakup time.

- I spent 2 hours last night making ONE felt banana. This is going to be harder than I thought...

- I literally swept some dirt under the rug yesterday because I didn't want to drag the vacuum downstairs.

- The dishes have stacked up so much that I can't see the division of the two sinks and it just looks like one huge sink full of nasty plates and cups.

- I have a full gallon of milk that needs to be drank asap so I'm going to put some chocolate syrup in it.

- I've typed this whole post from my bed :)

What's your dirty little secret? Remember that you can post anonymously if it's too good to claim it!

4 Thoughts From Others:

Jen said...

OMG I love it! Sweeping the dirt under the rug - I will have to try that! But heck, I only clean every other week, what's a little dirt?

Fishbacks said...

I still can't park in my garage because I haven't unpacked yet. We moved in February. Now it is warm and I am afraid I won't be motivated to unpack till the snow flies!

Fishbacks said...

I haven't folded laundry in so long that I came home yesterday and Jeff was folding it!

Anonymous said...

In the mornings, I pretend we are ready to leave the house and I buckle both kids into the car in the garage and then I go back and finish getting ready. I do my hair, brush my teeth, etc in private. Not quiet because I can still hear them but it is so much faster!

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