Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 13- A Bowl Full of Bellyjeans

Happy Easter everyone! My kids have been counting down for days, but Little Man was especially excited yesterday when he asked me if the Easter Bunny would be leaving him some bellyjeans. I can't stand those moms who constantly gloat about their kids, but that is pretty darn cute in my book. I'm sure everyone is a bit busy today to read how much I suck (let's just say that I could have hidden 100 eggs in my laundry pile without anyone knowing) but I wanted to share our morning egg hunt pictures:

Little Man searching away:

Boo enjoying the fruits of her labor:

Sweetie Pie showing off her loot:

The current state of my living room:

The little ATM's the Easter Bunny brought us:
(stay tuned for a future post about my new reward/punishment system... I'm a little too excited to charge my kids for being naughty!)

The reason I stayed up until midnight filling eggs, hiding all sorts of goodies, and making scavenger hunt clues:

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