Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 4- A New System

Today I attempted to do the 7 Daily Habits that I linked to yesterday. I even printed them out and stuck them to that nasty crap on my counter so it wouldn't get lost. :) Here's my scorecard:

Making beds- I made my own bed, and dare I say *over achieved* with the kids' beds by actually washing the sheets too. I would say that is killing two birds with one stone, but I don't like to condone throwing things, or killing birds for that matter...

Laundry- The sheets were the first load, and I even threw another in to wash all my pajama pants for next week. I wish I was joking...

Garbage- My kitchen garbage happened to be full, so I threw the upstairs bathroom trash in. I could have gone downstairs and done all the trash, but I get winded easily. Maybe tomorrow!

Empty Kitchen Sink- I did very well with this one. I filled my dishwasher completely and even did those extra dishes that don't fit. Usually I just leave them for the next day.

Clean-up- I caught myself leaving things on the counter a few times, but overall I did much better than usual. No more warm milk for this lady!

Bathroom- Luckily (?) for me my 22 month old got some nasties on her hand that needed immediate antibacterial action, so it was a natural progression to clean the sink and counter at the same time. I didn't do the mirror or toilet, but it's still light out so I figure I've got time.

I'll let you know on the bedtime thing- usually I'm so stuffed full of chips and junky television that I stumble down to bed like a weeble falling downstairs, so we'll see how that goes.

I'm off to down some more brownies before I fully jump on the Extreme Makeover "Me" Edition over on Amber Filkins Blog. Don't tell her!

3 Thoughts From Others:

Amber said...

Oooooooohhhhh, you're busted!! :) I still need to check out that site you recommended. Probably right now since I'm in a major funk this afternoon. I think you've got the ball rollin on your system, missy.

Mrs. Wright said...

Dang I barely made it through my brownie... you're tough! :P

Tecia Kirven said...

Good Job on putting forth effort on your system, my confession is I have been refusing to clean our bedroom toilet seat, to see how long it would take my husband to notice that he pee-pee on it. Well after 2 weeks of using our guest bathroom I decided to scrub our toilet spotless. Now, lets see if he notices that it is clean..

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