Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 30- Watch, Don't Learn

I thought that if I actually opened my 30 Day Shred DVD the Extreme Makeover: Me Edition ladies wouldn't disown me. Since I'm so desperate for friends I wasn't looking forward to telling them that once again I didn't do a thing to better my body this week. My sister Senorita Snarkalicious told me that she always watches a workout DVD first before trying it, so I thought I could even get crazy and watch the darn thing after I finally popped the plastic. She happened to be driving around aimlessly as she often does (don't believe when she tries to disagree in the comments) so she came over to watch it with me.

I remembered that my dvd player is broken from Boo shoving too many movies/crackers/credit cards into it, but The Senorita had the great idea to watch it on my laptop. We turned it on and I started to get tired just watching it... plus I needed a snack. I was showing examples of how I DON'T have the muscles to even attempt these moves and she snapped a few pics of my version of the crazy moves they expect you to do. Please don't try any of these moves at home as you'll look as dumb as I did, and that perfect fall picture IS real.

Supposedly an ab exercise, but I got stuck too far back-

Combining 'jazz hands' and stretching-

Badly executing some kind of kick-

Me and my 5 chins afterward-

We also had a text/Facebook discussion with our cousin about whether or not Hot Pockets can be substituted for the hand weights. I say yes, but our cousin said to start with the Lean Pockets to not strain. I may not have hand weights, but I didn't see anything on the DVD case about not using hot pockets...

To make this an official EMME link I am supposed to post a healthy recipe, but if I had a healthy recipe I wouldn't have to work out so much, and I would have eaten it right before watching the DVD instead of the big cheez-its and orange soda. At least the DVD is open now- babysteps, babysteps.

14 Thoughts From Others:

Anonymous said...

I say yes on the hot pockets.. I mean they are pretty heavy frozen..

Darling said...

Score! I can't wait!:D

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

I second the hot pockets! You looked like you were having fun "not" doing the dvd ;)

Jen said...

Well, it's a start :-)

Amber Filkins said...

Lol, you SO crack me up. Those pictures are hilarious.

I third the hot pockets. lol

J.J. said...

Those pics are a hoot!!!!!!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Yes! Totally use the Hot Pockets! They can be used as ice-packs when you're done with the work-out, too.
Funny post.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Those pictures are so funny!!! I've been known to watch an exercise DVD before actually attempting it....I don't take pictures when trying out new moves though. LOL

Much love from NJ,

Senorita Snarkalicious said...

Uh, I was avoiding going home not driving around aimlessly. You hurt my feeling.

Connie said...

Congratulations on opening the DVD!

Those pictures are awesome! I'm not a professional but I'm pretty sure that using FOOD as a weight is not acceptable.

Have a great week!

Bobbi Jo Nichols said...

I love this post and the great pictures! Too funny! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Rebecca Owner/Crafter said...

Oh I am laughing so hard! You are too cute! The Hot Pockets would probably work, although if you held ice cream bars you would have a handle and an incentive to get your workout done as quickly as possible before they melt! :)

Xazmin said...

You go! You are so hilarious!

Unknown said...


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