Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 18- Falling Apart

I'm falling apart today... I've got a million things to do and I'm getting nothing accomplished. I did finally get all the ground beef cooked, but I trashed my kitchen in the process. I didn't even leave any cooked meat out for dinner. At one point today I was motivated enough to load the dishwasher only to find that it was full of dirty dishes because captain jammie pants forgot to run it last night. I noticed that it was still full about 6 hours ago, but I still haven't run it. There's stuff all over the counters and I swear that I set one thing down and next thing I know the counter tops are missing. My living room also recently looked like this:


It's safe to say that my kids were entertained but I've still got a few things left on my list today. My mom is coming over later to help me hand sew all the felt food closed and I haven't even started making them. I should really be doing that now but instead I'm doing my part to keep the Easter candy industry in business. Target should really warn people about the dangers of 75% off candy. I'm no mathematician but I instantly multiply the 75% off price by four to get the original price, and then buy four packages of everything. I am aware that people are allowed to only purchase one of the items but I have a sickness... or I just like candy math. If only the after-Easter candy was also reduced to 75% of the original calories! That's some candy math I'd really get into!

Speaking of getting healthy (yes, I know I wasn't really speaking of that), I've decided that the week after is Easter is hardly the week to try and get healthy. The closest thing to healthy that this family gets is eating the wheat bread from Walmart. The fact alone that picky Mr. Wright and my kids would eat wheat bread suggests that it's probably not wheat bread at all. Nothing against Walmart brand, but I'm fairly sure that it's cheap white bread that is dyed brown. I'm too scared to read the list of ingredients, but why else would my kids like it!? Plus it's only $1.19 a loaf, so I buy a bunch and freeze them. Nothing says health like frostburnt brown bread! And in case anyone's wondering the shrink wrap on the 30 Day Shred DVD is still intact, but I don't think anyone's surprised...

2 Thoughts From Others:

Senorita Snarkalicious said...

Dear Captain Jammie Pants,
I notice that you are nominated for best humor blog and hottest mommy blogger. That is fweakin awesome. Someone must think you are pretty special! Hey did you know you could have cooked all that ground beef in your crock-pot? Don't feel badly about the bread. I think it is healthier than my diet of low points value food purchased out of the vending machine in the MSPT lobby, sugar free Amp, fat free popcorn and lean pockets. Start feeding your children those items and OCS might become involved.
Admiral Clearance Nighty

Amber said...

Hey, at least the kids were entertained! That's the most important thing!! :) That thing is fweakin awesome!

Have a great weekend!

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