Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 15- Check Yourself

Today was actually quite productive on the cleaning front. You'd never know it by the look of my kitchen counters, but all of my kids' rooms got cleaned today, and not just throw your stuff in that box and hide it in the closet cleaning. I actually put the stuff away in the labeled bins that they came from. At one point or another I've pretty much organized everything, but as I've discussed before I lack the follow through of returning the items or instructing my children on returning items to their 'home'.

Boo didn't even know I was cleaning her room, Little Man came in every few minutes to see if I had unearthed anything else he wanted to drag out, and Sweetie Pie "cleaned" her dollhouse while I did the rest of the room. I even sorted the ponies by color. I am pretty sure I have this strange OCD condition where I have regular OCD but am usually too lazy to execute the things my brain wants. Sweetie Pie thought it was pretty cool that they were all by families because they were all the same color. I used this as a Super Mommy moment to tell her that families can be made of all kinds of people and colors. She informed me that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are a family of different colors, even though they live in the White House. I'd say that's pretty good for five years old, so I let it slide :)


I tried a new technique today of writing all my chores on a plastic divider with a dry erase marker and checking them off as I did them. I really need that instant gratification of checking things off:

Pants are on? Check!
Fed kids? Check!
Check off things I've done? Check!
Shower? Eh, there's always tomorrow...


You can see why it takes me a while to get things accomplished. I'm still battling Mt. Washmore, and poor Boo is back in disposables again, but I'm slowly getting there. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to check a lot more off my list. Maybe I should put reading Perezhilton.com or eating ice cream on there and I'd be sure to check that off!

1 Thoughts From Others:

Amber said...

Ha!! I think we're kindred sisters, or whatever that saying is. I'm too tired & lazy to think to hard about it.

I ALSO think I have a morphed form of OCD where I actually have OCD, but I'm too lazy to do the things my brain wants. that is so funny. I'm compulsive about stuff, but not organized enough to satisfy the urge.

I also love checking things off of a list. But I don't just do a cutesy little 'x', I CROSS it out. It gives me more satisfaction. :)

My cousin makes fun of my b/c I put 'take a shower' on my list. She says, "you need a list to tell you to take a shower??" No, just like to cross things off! :)

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