Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 22- Creativity

Wow! I made a ton of new friends yesterday... I guess I need to post hotties on my blog more. I had twice the normal amount of visits. Does that mean that twice as many people would rather look at cute boys than read about how dirty my house is?? How could THAT be? Unfortunately my post today is not about guys, but about what creativity means in my house...

I love crafty stuff, but I don't really connect crafty with creativity. Creativity to me is making a dinner out of a can of tuna, frozen corn, some rice, and strawberry jello. It's been done. Little Man shows his creative side by asking such brainbusters as 'Do ghosts have butts?' and 'Will this rock make shaky sounds in my tummy if I eat it?'. Sweetie Pie loves to draw and displays her creative side by drawing one circle on EVERY single piece of paper in the printer. She also gets creative when I don't do laundry. This picture is my 5 year old wearing almost 2 year old Boo's pants like capris. See!? Creativity!!! (Don't look at the mess behind her!)


I've been super busy procrastinating so I don't have any new felt food yet, but I really need to get going. On a good note I did actually do my dishes today (twice) and have some laundry going that will hopefully make it to the dryer today. I don't want to move too quickly on the laundry or I might pull a muscle. I also watched a video about spring cleaning your sewing machine and did that as well! I got really tired after all that cleaning business and just opened the windows to let the rest of the stank out. Hopefully it will smell like I left the couch today when Mr. Wright gets home from work. Until I make the fish sticks for dinner that is...

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