Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 9- Feeding Frenzy

Now that I have my dishes and counters under control I really need to focus on feeding my family. It hasn't been pretty the last few months, and even when I had a plan every night I would occasionally write 'baked cheesy casserole' when I was making kraft macaroni and cheese. I am well aware that it is neither baked or a casserole, but for some reason it made me feel better.

It's true that I have MONTHS of menu plans in my handy recipe notebook, but I don't use them. I could make a new menu plan, but that would involve motivation, shopping, and cooking ahead. I love having precooked ground beef in my freezer so I can take it straight from the freezer to the pan. More times than not I add a magical mixture of ingredients that most people would call Hamburger Helper and dinner is done. One pound, one pan, one lazy mommy. :)

Unfortunately for my family we ran out of ground beef two weeks ago and everything else requires defrosting ahead of time. That isn't a good match when I have zero motivation and can't find any deals on ground beef. I also have a weird thing about buying meat when it gets discounted, but then I'm not really what kind of cut or whatever it is, so I put it in the freezer and forget about it. And I wonder why I have money problems...

Since tomorrow is trash day (my can has been in since Friday, but that was Mr. Wright's doing) I thought I'd make a goal to clean out my fridge and freezer and make a meal plan out of the edible contents and dump the space takers. We're going to have some interesting meals, but I'll just tell the family that fish sticks and popsicles is a common meal in Europe.

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2 Thoughts From Others:

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall a lovely french bistro that had fishsticks and popsicles as the featured meal. Of course they called it b√Ętons de poissons et popsicles, just in case you were wondering. Also, I don't know the french word for popsicle so that was just a guess.

Lorie said...

I so so SO need to clean out my freezer! I think I am going to follow your lead. Wait. That means I have to get my dishes and counters under control first!

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