Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 14- Corndog Millionaire

I finally got around to cleaning out my freezer today- who knew there were so many different kinds of fries? Apparently I did at one point because my freezer is practically an Oreida plant. I knew it was time for some cleaning when I got home from the store and couldn't even put the groceries away. For some reason I have total control over my HUGE chest freezer, but that tiny vertical freezer next to my fridge is jam packed with every kind of mystery meat you can imagine. Apparently labeling meat is not my strong suit. I also felt the need to save one corndog in a plastic bag. One. I guess I was planning on splitting it between my kids when we play the fun game I call the 'mommy didn't make dinner so we have to eat unhealthy, prepackaged, frost-burnt food from the bottom of the freezer game'. See? We have family game night too, just like the Super Mommies! I think the kids would enjoy the game more if we didn't eat PLANNED unhealthy, prepackaged, frost-burnt food all the other days.

The after picture- almost like a normal fridge!

Our icemaker doesn't work because we've never found the 3 cent part that will connect my water line and the fridge. When people come over they always go for the icemaker and I have to stand there watching them wait for ice and then point out that the ice and water dispenser is just for show. I don't let them know that while they've been holding down the ice button the metal blade in the ice maker has been ripping apart my secret ice cream that I keep in there, but some things are just meant to never be spoken.

The contents of the freezer got me thinking, of course, why the heck do I have all this crap anyway? When Grandma hands you a package of rope sausage and says "Can you put this in the garbage or take it home?" I think 99 percent of people would put it in the garbage. I'm sure you've realized that I wouldn't be telling this story if I was part of that 99 percent. That nasty sausage has been in my freezer for months, but only because I thought Mr. Wright would like it and he looked at me like I was bringing him sausage from the garbage or something. Sheesh! :P

I seem to be attracted to clearance meat, but then freeze it immediately and never want to make it after it's been frozen. I like the simplicity of cooking fresh meat, then freezing it for later- I buy it when it's on sale, cook it, then freeze it. That way I usually have whatever I need when I actually get organized enough to do a meal plan. Today there was a great sale on ground beef, so I bought 24 pounds to cook and freeze. Meat is so expensive, especially in Alaska, so I had to really stock up! The 'Lower 48' Coupon Mommies would probably cringe at the 'great sale price' of the ground beef, but I haven't found anyone willing to fly me up some $.99/lb beef yet. (Applications are being accepted!) Hopefully I'll be able to get a menu together now that I know what I have in the freezer, but at least I know we can have 24 straight days of Hamburger Helper! That is, after I clean out the pantry of course...

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Amber Filkins said...

Lol, my freezer is always jam packed. Of course, it's about as wide as a broom handle too. I am terrible about labeling meat before I freeze it. It sits in there for months {unless it's chicken} and then I end up throwing it out. I like using fresh too. :)

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