Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 11- Get Back Here Wagon!

I can't say that I'm totally off the wagon, but I sure feel like I'm being dragged behind it... I can feel myself losing momentum, and as hard as I'm trying to sustain this new lifestyle of getting dressed and showering it sure is tiring. I've been really busy this week running errands and getting things accomplished, so today we stayed home to relax. Too bad the kids decided that they were all going to be cranky and fight all morning. I had big plans for a nature walk but it's pretty gloomy out so I finally got them on board for a project.

I wrote secret messages on computer paper with white crayon, then they painted over the paper to reveal the message. It distracted them for a while, but then Sweetie Pie realized that I committed the Mommy sin of giving Little Man a bigger paint brush and the fun was over. This was taken in semi-happier times:


From that angle you can hardly tell that Little Man is wearing Sweetie Pie's pajamas and that Sweetie Pie has a huge knot in the back of her hair! I better tag that photo for our Christmas cards...

I'm not sure if it is the kids' behavior, the gloomy weather, the fact that I'm wearing yoga pants with no plan of doing yoga, or a combination of the three, but I feel like I'm dragging something equal to the weight of the contents of my nasty van behind me. My house is still way better than it was when I started this, but I'm not feeling nearly as motivated today as I have been.

I do have some breaking news that it's 2:45pm here and I have a plan for dinner already, but that dog hair on the stairs that I mentioned the other day is still there, I never cleaned out the freezer and my upstairs bathroom is still 'closed for repairs'. Maybe if put a sign on the door to that effect it would stay clean once I cleaned it. Now I'm onto something!

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