Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 23- Three Little Things

Item One:
Today is Earth Day, and I think I'm the only blogger on the planet that isn't planting some sort of garden or making a car out of milk cartons. I did recycle my Safeway coupon by turning it in to get a free recycled tote bag though. I'm also doing my part by not purchasing things that come in lots of packaging, mainly cleaning supplies like mops and sponges...

Item Two:
For those of you who don't know, I live in Wasilla, Alaska. Yep, Sarah Palin USA. Unfortunately if I was stranded in an ocean and there was a democrat boat and a republican boat I'd have to jump on the democrat boat... and my Dad would be yelling at me from the republican boat about gun control. Anyway, I think it's neat that a year ago NO ONE who didn't live here even knew Wasilla existed, and now people at least know we're here.

Besides following Bristol & Tripp around Target (I had to make sure it was her so I could tell everyone!) and Mr. Wright seeing Matt Lauer and his entourage at the grocery store it's been pretty much business as usual for us around here. I love living in Wasilla, but I always wonder how many people wanted to put an Obama sticker on their car but feared for their tires. I know I did! I was shopping at Walmart this morning and saw the funniest thing- I just had to buy it so I could come home and take a picture. Plus it was only $.67!


Look how many times it was clearanced!! I bet I was the first one to even touch it in months... maybe I'll make Senorita Snarkalicious something with it, lol!

Item Three:
I should be posting about Extreme Makeover- Me Edition, but I really just want to cry. I still haven't cracked the plastic on my 30 day shred dvd, and I'm starting to think my exercise plan would fit in better with a 30 day dead plan. I don't like to move much...

Amber's EMME question of the week is about the kind of music that I like to workout to. I think I've made it clear that there isn't a lot of movement happening, but I do like to think about working out when I hear Just Dance by Lady Gaga and that Let It Rock song with the yelling. You know, the bang bang music my dad always told me about... Poor dad, he's getting a bad wrap today! Hopefully I'll do better next week. At least I slowed down the Easter candy consumption a bit- that's ALMOST like exercising, right!?

8 Thoughts From Others:

3 Peas in a Pod said...

That the first step...slowing down on the Easter candy. So glad my hubby is back from Cali as he inhaled so much chocolate that I didn't have to.

Much love from NJ,

Tecia said...

Item two was so funny. After you read my comment , please just take the plastic from the workout DVD, then you will have made a lil progress and maybe on Thursday you can actually insert it into the DVD player :) :) ha ha ha!!

Connie Weiss said...

I am here to kick your ass! Tomorrow...I want you to unwrap that DVD and work out. I will be back to check on you.

And...If I saw Sarah Palin at Target...I would hump her leg! LOVE HER!!

Rocksee said...

Easter Candy is killing my willpower..

Heck who am I kidding .. it's zapping my will to live.

Damn Cadbury!

Rocksee said...

And I think it's great you followed Bristol around! I so would have done that too!


Good to meet you! Moving to Fairbanks in August! Following your blog

jenjen said...

I know. I had to get rid of the Easter goodies! Keep up the good work!


Tanielle said...

Darn candy! Let us know about the DVD when you get the plastic off.:-)

J.J. said...

I am over from Amber's EMME post. How stinking funny about that fabric. That is too funny!!! Thanks for the Bristol update. I was just saying to myself...I wonder if she is a Target shopper? :) :)

I am a new blogger too...your blog is MUCH prettier than mine!

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