Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 44- Dollars and No Sense

Today the kids and I enjoyed this beautiful day with a short trip to the park, and then hit the 'preview' of my mother-in-law's garage sale. Sweetie Pie and Little Man came home with all sorts of 'treasures', including a vibrating pillow, a shell jewelry box, and most notably a retro end table. It was dark wood, of course, and her room is every shade of pastel imaginable so I was excited to finally be able to spray paint something. Unfortunately I don't know what the heck I was doing and I don't think it's going to turn out well. Crafts gone wrong just inspire more creativity to 'fix' them I've decided. I keep trying to tell myself that at least.

I also got some shopping done for Little Man's birthday today. He's going to be 4 and I think I'm going to have to sit him down and tell him that he's too old to just wear his underwear around the house with his weenie and beanies hangin' out. He just likes to jump around in his undies too often and I'm starting to feel creeped out. Anyway, I'm already starting to worry about my $50 birthday challenge, but I'm sticking to my guns and I WILL make it work.

Today I purchased:
4 boxes of cake mix- $3.96
3 cans of frosting- $5.00
2 bags of balloons- $4.98
2 rolls of crepe paper- $3.98

Total so far- $17.92
Left to spend- $32.08

I still need taco shells, toppings, plates, mickey sprinkles, drinks and ice cream, plus anything else I think of. Do you think anyone would be offended if I charged admission to this shindig?

I don't think anyone on Extreme Makeover: Me Edition is surprised that I didn't work out AGAIN this week, and now I'm scared to start shredding again because it will be like the first day all over- ouch! I'm trying to get motivated and stay accountable, but it's easier just to pretend that I don't know what anyone is talking about when they mention exercise. Exercise? What's that? A new kind of gatoraid?

See? Works like a charm!

I am good at answering today's question though- Show an inspirational pic of what you want your body to look like... I saw this on someone's blog a few days ago and immediately stole it for personal use- that sound's dirty but it's not.


Hellllllllllllllo abs! Someday I'll be sweaty like that from working out and not from struggling to open those stubborn tiny bags of chips. It's a darn conspiracy to keep me from enjoying the greasy goodness!

7 Thoughts From Others:

jenjen said...

Funny! I know, I have been slacking off this week too. And I am afraid of Jillian. I really need to start that up again!

Good luck this week!


onegirliegirl said...

Jillian scares me. Her shred video scares me more...I don't blame you for waiting.

Good luck this week!!

xoxo ~Lisa

shortmama said...

My friend does Jillian's work out too and always talks about how hard it is. Ill stick to my Wii fit for now! maybe then I will get Jillians Wii workout. Good luck this week!

Amber said...

I need to take the Jillian challenge!! She is a little TOO bulky for me. Did you see her on the Biggest Loser finale?? Her pants almost didn't fit her b/c she is TOO muscular and bulky. I like toned, but not like you're trying to enter a body building contest. Especially for girls.

Lol at the wienie and beanies!

Senorita Snarkalicious said...

I am not paying to go to a birthday party that I purchased 3 gifts for.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Love the inspiration picture. I haven't been motivated for 2 weeks. My alarm went off at 4:15 a.m. and I woke up, hit snooze and then turned the darn thing off. (insert hand smacking forehead) I regretted it the minute I really got up. Think someone like Jillian should light a fire under my butt!! Then I would be motivated!!

Good luck this week!!

Much love from NJ,

Fishbacks said...

A vibrating pillow?????

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