Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 47- Birthday Update

I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off at the moment, but I needed a bloggy break. I ended up going over my birthday budget by $5, but I justified it because I had to buy 2 bottles of taco sauce that won't all be used at the party. I also bought extra koolaid for home. All in all I think I did pretty well. I'll post the breakdown later after I finally breakdown myself, along with pictures of course! Wish me luck that I can clean the bathroom, fold (I really mean hide) the laundry, frost the cake, prep the toppings and have everything ready by 6. I'm worried too ;)

1 Thoughts From Others:

onegirliegirl said...

Happy Birthday Little Man!!

Way to go on the budget!! I think it's great that you do that!! We always have birthdays at home!! Makes for the best stress...oops, I mean memories!!

xoxo ~Lisa

P.S. My little man's bday is Thursday...making the cupcakes now :)

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