Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 62- Holey Sheet!

About 2 months ago Mr. Wright alerted me that there was a tiny hole in the sheet down by his feet. We've had the same sheets for two years and I'm not surprised that he finally wore a hole in them from all the moving around he does at night. I wake up in the exact position that I fell asleep in, but I'm surprised he hasn't started a fire with all his tossing and turning. The hole started about the size of a blueberry, but of course I didn't sew it then. He kept getting his feet caught in the hole and ripping it bigger, but I still didn't sew it. I didn't sew it when it was the size of a cantaloupe either.

Eventually I got tired of hearing him complain about it but I didn't want to spend the money on new sheets. I flipped the sheet the other way thinking that my 25 pillows I need to sleep would cover the hole that was now at my head. They didn't. I've been falling into sleeping on that hole for at least a month and decided that if was finally time to buy a new sheet.

I know I promised in this post that I wouldn't be going to Target for a while, but I couldn't resist when I saw the new ad included a whole bed in a bag for $39! All I really need is a new fitted sheet, but when they're nearly $40 themselves it made more sense to just get the bed in a bag. I woke up this morning and showered, got my kids up early, and threw them in the car. They love eating cereal out of a bag so they had breakfast on the way. I didn't want to take the time to blow dry my hair, so I just turned the air on full blast in the car. I love when my laziness comes off as creativity!

I went early to beat the rush for the $39 bed in a bag since it was on the cover of the ad and when I got there I realized why I was alone in the aisle. I knew they weren't the cutest thing ever, but I didn't expect them to look like something I'd pass up at a garage sale either. As a matter of fact, I'd go all the way to say they we're fugly. I ended up settling on some $24 white jersey sheets instead. I even washed them before I put them on my bed! High class!

Who knew I could write so much about my sheet replacing adventures?

I also have an exciting head injury to share! The head injury may or may not be responsible for an entire blog post about sheets, but I'm still figuring that out. Boo was very cranky yesterday and happened to be throwing a huge fit right as I was about to start making dinner. I tried to pawn her off distract her with the older kids but I ended up just laying her on the floor in Little Man's room where they were playing. She was screaming so I turned around quickly to make a swift exit and then OUCH!! Little Man's door decided to kiss me on the forehead... and nose. I looked in the mirror and my nose was instantly swollen and I had quite a goose egg on my forehead. Perfect... like I couldn't get any sexier than before.

By the time Mr. Wright got home from work about 20 minutes later Boo had calmed down and was laying on top of me while I had an ice pack over my whole swollen face. He was awesome and made dinner for the kids while I layed on the couch wondering if my non existent insurance would finally cover the nose job I've needed since I was 14. I also pondered if I was going to look like Owen Wilson in the morning. I rested for most of the evening which was kind of a bummer since I actually was making progress on some more before and after pictures up until when I kicked my own butt.

This morning I looked more like Carnie Wilson than Owen Wilson due to the swelling, but no one else at Target at 8:30 am seemed to care. My forehead has a little bruise and my nose has a perfect door line across part of it, but other than that I look pretty normal, thank goodness.

Here's two more before and afters from yesterday. As soon as my head stops pounding I'm hoping to finally get the pantry done.

My pen drawer before

My pen drawer after

The kids' computer desk before

The kids' computer desk after

Hopefully more to come!

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