Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 63- Pantry Party

Guess who has a clean & organized pantry?? That's right, THIS lady! My brother in law happened to want to take Sweetie Pie and Little Man for the afternoon yesterday so I was able to put Boo down for a nap and get to business. I started by eating some nachos because, uh... hello, I was almost alone in my house!

After I finished my greasy treat I got to work by emptying the pantry and sorting the food into groups (baking, snacks, cans, dinner ingredients, etc.). Then I checked each group for expired food or food that we're never going to eat. Luckily (?) my pantry was pretty bare compared to how it normally is so it was easy to see what was in there. Then I played pantry tetris to get the groups to fit together on the shelves.

The longest job was sorting all the confiscated toys and returning them to their homes. This was difficult because if they all had homes then they probably wouldn't have been left out to be confiscated in the first place. I put 2 new containers for inevitable future confiscations but at least for today they'll stay empty. Please don't feel too badly for my children- they only get 10 warnings to pick something up before it gets a week time out. Unless I'm sitting down, then they get 11 or 12 warnings. 13 if I'm on Facebook. Anyway here's my before picture from an earlier post:


The during picture:


And the blessed after:


Once again you can check out more before and afters at I'm An Organizing Junkie's Monthly Round Up.

*I'm not sure what's happening with my pictures but I'm getting frustrated with them being all different crazy sizes and cutting off my hard work!*

3 Thoughts From Others:

Anonymous said...

Your pantry looks fantastic - I'm super jealose - I'd love to have one!

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

You did a great job organizing. I wish I had a pantry like this. Ours is way to small!

Fishbacks said...

ok I am done whining today and totally motivated. Thanks Gillian! PS when my kids leave something out they don't get any warnings and it goes into a box. To get it out(and they have to get it out) they have to do a chore. Now that is mean:) Sometimes when there is a chore I don't want to do I wait till someone leaves something out! That should go on your dirty little secerts post. What happened to that? That was my fav day of the week!

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