Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 71- Phone A Friend

Anyone who has called me within the past 2 years knows that I have some phone issues. I either can't find them, they're dead, or more recently a combination of the two. Last year I blew my phone budget and got one of those sets with the extra handsets that plug right into the wall just so I could have a charger right where we sit in the evening. I figured there was no excuse to not replace it before we went to bed so it could charge all night. That didn't quite work out because I'm Mrs. Wright, and I plugged it into the outlet that only has power when the lights are on and the switch is up. Sooooooo.... when they are in the charger at night we don't have our lights on, so they never charged.

Finally I bought a splitter so I could have two things plugged in the 'always on' outlet at the same time and my problems were solved... for about a month. I've always been able to find our phones fairly quickly when they have gone missing, mostly due to the fact that they are usually in the couch cushions. I've never had to look anywhere else because they're always there- I don't even know where to look next.

The phone in my bedroom recently went missing and of course I didn't notice until the phone was too dead to page, and of course it's the only phone that we have downstairs, and of course people love to call when I'm still in bed so I have to run all the way upstairs for it. And then of course the freaking upstairs phone is missing... Anyway, missing one phone when you have three isn't that big of a deal so it took me a while to send out the search party (mainly me and my unbrushed hair). I looked in the game room couches when I did the big clean up in there a few weeks ago, but didn't find them... so, I gave up. Hey, 2 phones isn't that bad even if I do have to run upstairs- they're are people who would kill for those kinds of problems.


The two surviving phones mainly serve the living room and kitchen and its one open area so that doubles my chances of being able to find at least one of them when it rings. Unfortunately we had another casualty in the last few days and now we're down to one. Yes, I checked the couches. I have some clutter, but I wouldn't really call my house a bottomless pit that just swallows phones, especially in the living room where company is. So I have one little phone in a 2400 square foot house, and I'm the only one who answers it. And guess what? It decided that it doesn't want to hold a charge anymore. So now my ONE phone pretty much has to sit in the charger all day so that I can squeeze a 30 second conversation out when it happens to ring.

Of course I could buy a whole new setup which would be great since I have hundreds of pesky spare dollars around that I just couldn't get rid of, or maybe I'll buy one of those $10 beige corded phones that my mom had. That will be much more convenient when I'm holding Boo on the potty, Little Man is screaming for a drink, Sweetie Pie's deleting things off my DVR trying to turn on Spongebob and Muhammed Steve from India is playing 20 questions about my long distance satisfaction. I better invest in the 200 ft cord...

And FYI, I only had to run all the way upstairs twice during the typing of this blog.

3 Thoughts From Others:

mommieof4munchkins said...

One word...or site... www.buy.com LOVE THEM!

Tina said...

I agree....phones are always lost and never charged!!!!

Senorita Snarkalicious said...

I will buy you a phone! I can't not talk to you anymore! I have $60 in text overages! Meet me at Target in the morning! period.

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