Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 68- Cleaning Frenzy

Ok, so it turns out that I did the exact opposite of what I said I was going to do yesterday. I said that I was going to let the house go (like, further than it already had) and spend the day with the family. It just so happened that Mr. Wright took ALL three kids on a little adventure and I was ALONE in my house. It took me 5 minutes or so to decide what I should do with my free time, but I figured that it would be better to have a clean house when they came home than be passed out on the couch with soaps on and donuts crumbs all over my shirt... I'll have to save that for tomorrow!

I set my kitchen timer for 20 minutes and started with the dishes. In 20 minutes I got my dishwasher emptied, jackhammered the melted cheese off the dirty dishes, and got the dishwasher loaded and ran. The timer went off and I reset it for 20 minutes, this time focusing on laundry. I emptied the dryer, filled it with the contents of the washing machine, found the pile that smelled the worst and washed that. Then I folded the stuff from the dryer and finished just as the timer went off. It was great to know that I wasn't going to be folding forever, and actually kind of fun to see all that I can accomplish in 20 short minutes.

I reset the timer once again and started vacuuming the living room. It was pretty nasty but within 20 minutes I had the floorspace vacuumed and had moved the loveseat to get under it. The timer rang but I wasn't quite done so I gave myself another 20 minutes. I moved my sofa and spent most of the alloted time trying to remember when the last time we had apple jacks was... it was pretty scary under there! I got my kitchen vacuumed (because I'm WAY too lazy for sweeping and my Dyson does bare floors) and possibly even sucked up some crumbs on the table with the hose attachment. Don't tell anyone!

One more session got my stairs vacuumed and the entryway picked up. After a solid hour of vacuuming I was really hot and tired so I took a 'break' to fold the next load of laundry. Listen to me! I'm almost like a real person! The phone rang right then, so of course the family walked in right when I had finally sat down to chat, but even Mr. Wright noticed how nice the house looked. It couldn't have come at a better time since I'm still in denial about Boo's birthday party on Sunday.

I'm back to sitting on my butt now, but at least my house is way cleaner than it was before. That us until it gets trashed during the party!

2 Thoughts From Others:

Vivienne said...

I am going to try this timer thingy.

tiffany said...

I found you through org junkie and have laughed out loud at your fantastic writing as I poked around on your site this morning. :)

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