Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 73- I Believe In Brownies!

I believe that this is better than than the depressing crap I kept writing on my previous attempts to blog today.

I believe that there should be an age limit on the Real World/Road Rules challenges. When you need to win the money because your kid is going to college in the fall then you're too old to be on the challenge.

I believe that children should come with an instruction manual, a nanny, and a built in wipe dispenser.

I believe that my minivan should run on garbage and old french fries.

I believe that birds and rodents are creepy.

I believe that laundry should fold itself.

I believe that if folding laundry was a traditional male chore self folding clothing would already exist.

I believe that paying $10 to see a movie is ridiculous, especially since you can wait 6 months and own the DVD forever for the price of 2 tickets.

I believe that good ghosts of loved ones visit us to make sure we're okay.

I believe in God and the healing power of bawling your eyes out.

I believe that life is too short for mopping.

I believe that my kids could have an amazing childhood with nothing but the library and a sprinkler.

I believe that we own 3 tons of toys that they don't need.

I believe that there should be a 25th hour of the day when you're not allowed to work, clean, cook or run errands.

I believe that you should have at least one person in life that you can say ANYTHING to.

I believe that you can make honest, real, non-weird friends on the internet.

I believe 2 minutes of makeup can change your whole day.

I believe that poopy diapers should be worth money so people would fight to get to change one.

3 Thoughts From Others:

tiffany said...

yes yes yes! :) Especially the sprinkler and library, the bawling your eyes out, the person to say anything to and the 2 mins of makeup. Have a great one funny Wasilla girl.

Amber said...

AMEN sista!! I hear you on ALL of those! Could NOT have said it better!! But since I'm currently making chocolate chip cookies, I'd like to add that to the list. :)

Rocksee said...

I believe that there should be an age limit on the Real World/Road Rules challenges.


Seriously, those people need to go off and get real jobs. And a clue.

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